Hi my name is Hannah and I just recently learned how to make a Wiki page!
Here is the top 5 U.S. richest billionares!

1. One is Sultan Hassanal with $38.0 Billion
2. Bill Gates with $36.4 Billion
3. Walton Family with $27.6 Billion
4. Warren Buffet with $23.2 Billion
5. King Faub Abdul Aziz Alsaud

Resources: Scholastic Kid's Almanac for the 21st Century

Hey it's me Hannah and now I have more to tell you!
A golden retriever named Augie holds the world record for most tennis balls in his mouth!
Guess how many? 5 Without help from a human!

Resources: Guinness World Records To The Extremes

Hi it's me again and I have more facts!
Countries that eats the most;
Chocolate: Switzerland
Ice Cream: New Zealand
Meat: Spain
Potatoe Chips: United Kingdom
Vegetables: Greece
Countries that drink the most;
Bottled Water: Italy
Soft Drinks: United States

Resources: Book of World Records